There aren't very many of us, as far as I can tell, but we're spread all over the world. I'm part of the English branch of the Poupart family. It's a French name, and here in North America, most of the Pouparts I hear from are French Canadian. There are Pouparts all over the U.S., in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and, of course, France.

I'd like to hear from people who share my name around the world. I'd like to create a collection of links to Pouparts near and far. Send me an email, and if you would like to be included in this site, send the information you'd like me to put up, or a link to your own web pages, or whatever you would like to share.

I doubt that it's possible to create a geneaology for all Pouparts. I know, for example, that members of the English Pouparts migrated to Australia, but I would expect that the Pouparts in French Canada probably emigrated there directly from France, perhaps around the time my ancestor migrated to Britain. It would be interesting to shed more light in this area.

Various Things Poupart

Here's a short list of things named for or otherwise related to Pouparts. Do you know of more?

Poupart's Ligament
Yup, there's a part of your body named for us. Here's the definition from the online Free Dictionary:

A fibrous band formed by the lower border of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle that extends from the upper front spine of the ilium to the pubic tubercle. Also called Poupart's ligament.

Poupart's Junction

In the early days of railways in London there was a need for a junction for trains leaving the Victoria area to cross the lines of the London & South Western Railway. The L&SWR purchased a tract of land in Battersea that was occupied by a farm owned by members of the Poupart family. The junction so created was (and is) called Poupart's Junction. Within a decade, that is by the late 1860s, the land not used for railway tracks had been completely built over with Victorian row houses. Today, it's hard to imagine that land ever being part of a farm.

Poupart's Bakery

Down in Lafeyette, Louisiana there is Poupart's Bakery. The owner is from France, but there are other Pouparts in the area that are original cajuns. Poupart's Bakery is famous for its Mardi Gras King Cakes. You can order the King Cake and Poupart's will ship it to you overnight via UPS. Give 'em a call!

I don't know how well they weathered Hurricane Katrina, but our thoughts are certainly with the folks at Poupart's Bakery.

Poupart Ltd

The firm of TJ Poupart was a famous part of the Convent Garden fruit and vegetable market in London for most of the 20th Century. In the redeveloped area of Covent Garden it was (at least recently) still possible to see a faded TJ Poupart sign painted on the side of a building. Poupart's was a pioneer in the importing of various "exotic" fruit.

Poupart's was founded in 1895, although it seems that various members of the family had been active in the market garden business around south London for perhaps a century or more before that. In 2001, the managing director of the successor company to TJ Poupart kindly sent me a centenary brochure produced by the firm in 1995. He also, very kindly, gave me permission to scan it and post it as a PDF file here.

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