Welcome to the Poupart Family website. We've made some changes recently, retiring some pages, adding others. Old pages on GPS equipment and my weather station are still available in the "Dusty Pages" section. The information about various Pouparts around the world and geneology are now under "Poupart Stuff". Have a look around!

We live, work, and go to school in Northern California, in the south Bay Area. The rest of my immediate family lives in the London area. I moved to the States in 1981 and became a US citizen in 1991.

The rest of the site contains photographs of us in various places, some movies, and some articles I've written. There's information about our jobs and interests, including guitars, microphones, amplifiers (including self-built guitar and hifi tube amplifiers), and some other stuff that might be of interest.

Last updated: Saturday, November 19, 2005